Esfand : Twitch Streamer Origins, Age, & Real Name Revealed

What is the Origin of Esfand and What Are Esfand’s Age, Height, and Real Name?

Esfand is renowned for his in-game expertise in Wow Classic. He is an internet gamer.

Esfand’s Details

Birth Date | Fourth of July, 1991

Age | Twenty Nine

Gender | Male

Origin | United States of America

Occupation | Twitch Broadcaster

IG | @esfandtv

Youtube | Esfand

EsfandTV on Twitter

EsfandTV Twitter

Esfand’s streaming is quite amusing. Much like other streamers, he had not previously discussed these kinds of topics in order to provide amusement.

He streams a variety of video games and, as many other gamers have moved on to something else, he continues to play.

He is quite the jovial character and works hard to ensure his admirers remain devoted to him. Oftentimes, he only wishes to enjoy a romantic outing.

He has been successfully participating in competitive gaming such as Among Us, Dota 2, and of course, World of Warcraft. His eSports career has been progressing very well thus far.

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Ten Interesting Points About Esfand

  1. Esfand is a plant-based substance found in traditional Persian and Zoroastrian cultures.
  2. It is a special herb that is burned as incense and has a distinctive aroma.
  3. It is also commonly used to ward off evil spirits and protect from bad luck.
  4. The word “Esfand” is derived from the ancient Persian word “Spenta,” which translates to “Holy Fire.”
  5. It is believed that burning Esfand can bring about spiritual purification, protection, and blessing.
  6. Esfand is traditionally burned on a special kind of metal plate called an Esfandiyar.
  7. It is believed that its smoke can help protect against negative energies and bad luck.
  8. Esfand is also believed to bring peace, tranquility, and good health.
  9. It is commonly used in rituals, ceremonies, and ceremonies of passage.
  10. Esfand is also used to create a sacred and calming atmosphere in spiritual and religious settings.

Esfand has been an active figure in the industry for some time now, yet he has yet to acquire a prominent wiki page of his own. His real name is still unknown. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, he is an American of Persian ethnicity. Details of his parents have not been revealed. Esfand appears to be of average height, and he has a tattooed body which adds to his charm. He hails from Austin, Texas. The majority of his streams are dedicated to the game World of Warcraft, however, he also plays and streams Valorant, CSGO, and Among Us. Esfand gained popularity as a Twitch streamer and now has over 557 thousand followers. His YouTube channel has over 106 thousand subscribers. At the age of 29, Esfand has achieved a great deal in his life, having been born on July 4, 1991.

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