Liberia: Senator Moye Calls for GAC Audit in U.S.$50,000 Diversion Allegation

Monrovia — The office of Senator Prince Moye is requesting the General Auditing Commission to investigate a recent discovery made in the country’s national budget, where it’s alleged that US$50,000 was diverted on the order of Representative J. Marvin Cole.

According to Senator Moye’s office, instead of the lawmaker responding to the issues, Rep. Cole justified purported corrupt actions by claiming that Senator Prince K. Moye, Sr. has similarly siphoned money allocated for the construction of the Bayarta clinic to the tune of over US$200,000.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Nuwoe Kellen, Chief of Office Staff (COS) in the office of Senator Moye, categorically refuted such “misleading assertion” by Rep. Cole, and calls on the general public, particularly the citizens of Bong County, to further put his feet to the fire and ensure he answers for his actions with regards to the Gbondoi clinic.

On Tuesday of last week, during the regular session of the House of Representatives, Hon James Kolleh of Electoral District #2, Bong County raised issues regarding allocations in the 2022 and 2023 Draft National Budgets for a clinic reportedly situated in Gbondoi Town, electoral district #6, Bong County.

“The facts show that such a clinic does not exist because Rep. Cole and his associates, with flagrant disregard for the people and their health needs, have diverted said sums of money for the clinic.

“The office of the senator, therefore, calls on the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) to probe Rep Cole regarding the ‘Gbondoi Health Clinic’ money since he claims to have transferred said amount to Kpayah Clinic in electoral district #3, Bong County, even though Kpayah Clinic was also captured in those Budgets.”

Kellen promised to work with the people of Bong County and relevant institutions to ensure that Rep. Cole is held duly accountable for the diversion of resources meant for the benefit of the people of that part of the County.

Providing the facts

In an attempt to provide “facts,” Senator Moye’s office said, regarding the Bayarta Clinic Project in District #2, Bong County: the Bayarta Clinic was contracted to Sesay Brothers Inc., a local Liberian firm, and the cost of the construction is a little over US$91,000.

“Contrary to Rep Cole’s assertion, the Bayarta project first received an appropriation of US$75,000 in the 2018/2019 Fiscal Budget. Of this amount, only US$10,000 was realized- with 60% of the 10,000 paid in Liberian dollars.

“Fast forward, the project received an allocation of US$50,000 in the 2021 Special Budget of which US$45,000 was received by the Bong County Health Team through the Ministry of Health. Payments were subsequently made to the contractor by the Bong County Health Team upon disbursement of said funds by the Ministry of Finance.

“Payment of US$8,000 was realized from an allocation of US$20,000 in the 2022 National Budget, and the County Health Team will subsequently make payment to the contractor as per contract terms.”

According to Senator Moye’s Chief of Office Staff, the total amount already paid to the contractual firm is US$55,000. “The office of the senator encourages the public, the press, and civil society organizations to make follow-ups with all parties involved in an attempt to corroborate the aforementioned facts.”



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