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According to recently revealed police papers, an extended “sugar daddy” extortion scheme that targeted a Greenwich millionaire’s secret online world where women were his slaves and he was their master all started after an Ohio couple watched an episode of television’s “Dr. Phil.”

The stories go on to describe the demands Stephen Dent, an investor, would place on the women he considered his internet sex slaves, including having breast implants, going to fetish websites, and sending lots of sexually graphic emails and images.

Christopher Jessop, 30, of Mansfield, Ohio, said in a police interview that he was the mastermind of the scam that successfully defrauded 54-year-old Dent of more than $200,000. According to Jessop, he got the idea after seeing a “Dr. Phil” programme about the sugar daddy dating website
In a March 19 jailhouse interview with Greenwich detectives, Jessop described a conversation he had with his wife, Dawn Jessop: “I was like, honey, you know, get on the computer and see what this is about.” “The next thing I know, these wealthy men are simply handing us money for email discussions without any exchange of goods or services.
The Jessops admitted to authorities that they only blackmailed Dent despite receiving money from other affluent men on the website.

Christopher Jessop told the detectives, “We came across Stephen Dent, and he was into some pretty bizarre stuff. He ended up being little more than a gold mine for us.

Following a Freedom of Information Act request by Greenwich Time, the police files on the Jessops also name Patricia Miller, 45, of Michigan as the “harem mother,” or chief slave, who would assist Dent in making sure the other women were real and upheld their half of the bargain.

Ironically, according to authorities, Miller was using at least four different younger women’s names while trying to trick Dent and eventually extort him.

After authorities uncovered their plot in March 2009, the Jessops were taken into custody.
Following their guilty pleas in May, Dawn and Christopher Jessop were both given a suspended sentence and probation. On larceny-related charges, Miller was extradited from Michigan in May. She hasn’t pleaded guilty.

A Queens man named Roy Sipel apparently tried to blackmail Dent in 2007, threatening to expose him for engaging in “vile and filthy” behaviours with his girlfriend in a Greenwich hotel and extorting money from him.

Greenwich Time revealed Dent’s history of problematic online interactions and his part in paying women nearly $200,000 for sex in 2007 in an article published in May 2009.

Dawn Jessop told police that after they started corresponding, Dent sent her an email outlining his demands and promised to provide her $10,000 each month if she obeyed.
Dawn Jessop claimed in a statement to police, “Stephen e-mailed me and stated that he wanted me to learn the virtues of slavery. According to police investigations, the Jessops informed the authorities that Dawn regularly sent fictitious images of other persons, and that Christopher was frequently the one to initiate more sexually explicit talks with Dent.

According to police accounts, Dent cut Dawn Jessop off financially after she refused to meet him in person, which prompted Christopher Jessop to begin threatening him.

Christopher Jessop claimed he required a means of maintaining his current opulent way of living. Between November 2008 and February 2009, according to the Jessops, they spent over $200,000 on jewellery, upscale restaurants, and a Range Rover sport utility car. All of this money was gained from Dent both legally and unlawfully.

Dent agreed not to notify the police when Christopher Jessop initially threatened him, according to the police, and the two were successful in getting $100,000 in hush money.

In an email to the Jessops, Dent stated, “I will have no need to call the authorities so long as you fulfil your half of the bargain.” “I’m counting on you to honour your word and remove all of my information from your computer. It’s encouraging that you see this money as payment and not as extortion. I concur that you earned it, and as a result, I’m willing to make the purchase.”

After realising he had one final damaging e-mail, Christopher Jessop told police he made the decision to go further. He and Dawn drove to Greenwich where they faced Dent.

However, at this point, the FBI and Greenwich Police had ordered Dent to come in and explain what was going on after noticing that he was sending significant amounts of money by wire. In March 2009, police detained Dent and his wife at a nearby hotel after they were both found to be wearing wires while in a meeting with Christopher Jessop.

Police were informed by Christopher Jessop that he had no idea how things would turn out.

The things he was doing and saying to these girls, in my opinion, were terrible. I suppose I attempted to dispense justice on my own, “Jessop stated. Sincerely, I never in a million years could have imagined that I would be in this kind of situation as I sit here.

Steven Frederick, Dent’s Stamford attorney, did not answer a call seeking comment on this article on Wednesday.

Miller is currently being defended by Mark Sherman, who previously represented Christopher Jessop and who also feels Miller is innocent despite one of his clients having been charged with a crime.

The question of whether Patricia was the “Queen Bee” of sex slaves is irrelevant in this case because all of the extraordinary cyberslave activities was legal, according to Sherman. “Patricia’s case concerns whether she entered into unlawful cyber chat, and I don’t think she did.”

Prosecutors made Miller a plea agreement with probation and a jail sentence that was suspended at her most recent court appearance. Miller said she was not interested in taking the offer.

Sherman stated on Wednesday that he hoped to settle the lawsuit without a trial, but predicted Dent would testify if it did.

Sherman predicted that Mr. Dent would be required to give a testimony.

Miller must return to court on September 1.



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