Vito Glazers Exposed – Critical Review 2023

Vito Glazers is a self-proclaimed PR expert and a TV celebrity. He has appeared in several shows, selling courses and consulting to make a living. 

You’d think he is heaven-sent if you’d read several PR articles on Vito Glazers. But if you’d read the reviews from his affiliates, you’d see a vastly different picture. 

Vito Glazers has a sketchy past, and his current ventures indicate he’s up to no good. 

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In the following points, I’ll illustrate why you should vary between Vito Glazers and his company, Glazers Media. But first, let me introduce the guy to those who don’t know him: 

Vito Glazers Wikipedia: A Little About the Scammer

There’s no Vito Glazers Wikipedia page but a bio page on his personal website. That, Vito Glazers is the CEO of One World Publishing. He claims to be a performance marketing pioneer. 

Vito is a real estate investor, actor, and media entrepreneur. His bio fails to mention that he used to run CPATank, an affiliate marketing company notorious for running a text-messaging scam

Vito has appeared on “Mystery Millionaire” and has co-starred in the Chop Chop TV Show. He sells influencer marketing courses and PR services through his company, Glaziers Media. 

Vito Glazers’ bio doesn’t mention how he lied in court to defraud the Federal Trading Commission. It also fails to tell you anything about his conflicts with his affiliates because he didn’t pay them. 

Knowing this information is vital because Vito sells numerous products that cost tens of thousands of dollars. You should know what kind of guy you’re purchasing from when you spend that money. 

If you’re interested in finding out about Vito Glazer’s wife, I must say, there isn’t any information available online. Still, you can look up Vito Glazers’ wife yourself. 

But in the next few sections of this article, I’ll go through some of the things Vito has tried to hide from you:

Vito Glazers Net Worth: He is NOT a Millionaire

According to the guy himself, Vito Glazers’ net worth is not in the millions. So, according to Vito, he is not a millionaire. 

In 2014, the Federal Trade Commission sued Vito Glazers and his firm (CPATank) for being involved in a scam. The court had imposed a $200,000 judgement against him, and he filed a sworn financial statement that said he couldn’t pay more than $20,000.

And this was right before he appeared in “Mystery Millionaire”. 

It doesn’t make sense, right? If Vito was a millionaire, why would his sworn financial statement say he couldn’t even pay $20,000? Vito Glazers either lied about his net worth on TV or he lied to the court. 

Turns out, he was lying to the court. 

Vito Glazers’ net worth wasn’t a million at the time. But it wasn’t less than $20,000 either.

The FTC alleged that Vito’s financial statement was incomplete, inaccurate, and untruthful.  

They revealed to the court that Vito had set up a separate company that held his assets, Solomon Assets LLC. Solomon Assets received $524,388 via wire transfer in 2012. Moreover, Vito had withdrawn $400,000 in June 2012. 

To defraud the FTC, Vito had authorized the remaining funds to be paid via cashier’s check to Solomon Assets. Using this evidence, FTC proved that Vito Glazers had lied about his poverty. 

The court had ordered Glazers to pay $180,000 to the FTC to settle the case. What’s ironic is Vito was set to appear on Mystery Millionaire at the time, where he would act broke for a couple of dates and then reveal to his date that he’s a millionaire. 

I guess he was rehearsing with the FTC for the show. 

More details about the case: 

Vito Glazers was running a spam text message operation through his company CPATank. The text messages would pitch websites that offered gift cards and prizes. 

The text said, “Dear shopper, your last month’s purchase won a $1000 gift card, go to within the next 24 hours to claim your reward.” Many people fell for this scam. Vito was one of the few “winners” acting as an intermediary between the affiliate marketers running these fake offers and the companies who owned these sites.

Vito Glazer’s company CPATank and Eagle Web Assets would promote the websites with false offers through their affiliate marketers. The affiliates received payments based on the number of people who clicked their “promoted links”. 

Check out: Personal Capital

The only people who weren’t making any money were the consumers who were promised a $1,000 reward. When they visited the link and signed up, they discovered they had to go through a long list of steps. 

The websites required them to apply for credit cards, enrol in harmful option plans, and most cases, pay a significant fee to be eligible for the so-called free rewards.

To protect consumers from such scams, the court barred Vito Glazers and Ryan Eagle from misrepresenting any product’s marketing, including false “free” claims

The court also required them to disclose all the terms and conditions of their offers. 

In short, Vito Glazers has a history of scamming people. This suggests his latest ventures could be a scam too. 

Vito Glazers had to pay $180,000 to the court for running a spam text messaging scam in 2014. He had lied about his net worth in the court. 

Vito Glazers: A History of Scamming People

Now that you know the truth about Vito Glazers’ net worth in 2020, you should learn more about his past. 

Evidence suggests that VIto has a long history of scamming people. Although he has buried a lot of information on the internet, some traces remain. 

I found a thread on about CPATank, Vito’s last venture. In CPATank, Vito used to pay affiliates to bring traffic to his traffic websites. And it seems that he used to scam the affiliates just like he scammed the innocent consumers

This person had talked to Vito when they joined the CPATank affiliate network: 

Vito Glazers review

But Vito Glazers started avoiding him when they requested payment for bringing traffic to CPATank’s target websites. 

Vito owed them $790.30 but didn’t pay a penny. They tried to contact Vito multiple times but didn’t get a single response. After they shared information about this incident with others, Vito’s staff contacted them and said they wouldn’t pay them because “they defrauded CPATank”. 

In reply to this allegation, they pointed out that Vito paid them $50 for bringing the traffic and banned them after paying them. Vito Glazier buried the existence of this news such that no one would find it easily.

The post no longer exists on Reddit, a central social media platform, nor does it exist on 

If you’d visit the original link to the thread, it will show a 404 error. Thankfully, I have its screenshots: 

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Vito Glazers runs Glazers Media, a company that offers PR services and offers training products. He provides many products and services where the lowest price is $5,000, which is for a product called the “Instant Influencer” Formula.

His most expensive product is the “Book Building” Formula which costs $30,000. 

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Besides these products, Vito also offers influencer marketing and reputation management services through Glazers Media. 

However, there are two very prominent issues with these companies. 

First, they offer no refunds. Second, they have no reviews.

For products and services that cost more than $5,000, there should be some assurance of its quality. But you only get one thing: Vito Glazers’ word for it. 

No Refunds:

Many online scammers (like Amazing Selling Machine) tend to bury essential details deep within their terms and conditions, so you can’t find them. They know that very few people read the T&Cs, and most people would simply click on the “I Agree” button and move on. 

But I’m one of those ‘few people’. I wanted to know if Vito was a trustworthy service provider or not. 

Turns out he is not. 

His company doesn’t give you refunds if you pay in cash or through cryptocurrencies: 

Vito Glazers

This means they won’t give you a refund once you have paid those people. What if you’re dissatisfied with the product’s quality? They don’t care. What if the product isn’t worth $10,000? They don’t care. 

Vito Glazers only wants your money. And once you have paid him, you can do nothing about it. 

Seeing how shady his history has been, I wouldn’t recommend spending $10,000 or $20,000 to “test out” his services. 

No Reviews: 

Another huge red flag in Vito’s services is that his products and services have zero reviews. You wouldn’t find anyone saying they were happy with his creations. 

This is not a good sign. Because it means people haven’t bought from him.

If people were buying this service, they would share their experiences online. Vito Glazers claims to be a PR and marketing expert, but I don’t think he knows the importance of customer reviews.

Either that, or he is not the expert he claims to be. 

Now, if some Glazers Media reviews start appearing magically after this article, know it’s because of Vito’s PR team

Companies tend to do that when you call them out on their nonsense. 

Is Vito Glazers Legit?

The short answer is: no. 

Vito Glazers ran a country-wide text-messaging scam in 2012 and got caught. Not only that, but Vito also lied in court about his actual net worth

He had to pay $180,000 to the FTC because of his scam. Vito didn’t even pay the affiliates that worked with him in his previous venture. 

Now, he’s running a PR company with zero reviews and doesn’t offer refunds to its clients. 

All of this suggests that it would be best to avoid the guy. Don’t risk it. 



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